To Teach Who Christ Is

A Campaign for Parishes, Catholic Education, and Faith Formation



All Saints - St. Anthony Parish is participating in the last wave of this ongoing Archdiocesan capital campaign that ensures strong parishes, quality Catholic Education, and Faith Formation opportunities throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. Similar to the Millennium Campaign each parish is given a financial goal to be collected over the next five (5) years. 40% of the monies will go to the Archdiocese and 60% remains in our parish. Any amount over and above our goal remains at All Saints-St. Anthony. We will use the funds to re-place our church roof which is in desperate need of repair. Our TTWCI Parish Goal is $195,000 of which $117,000 will remain in the parish for the roof project. In the next two months we will all be receiving more detailed information.


Throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago, To Teach Who Christ Is seeks to provide $350 million for local parish communities and shared ministries of the Church. Each parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago will participate in the campaign with a combined goal of $250 million. In addition, the Archbishop of Chicago will work to raise an additional $100 million through a major gift effort. Gifts to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will benefit six elements vital to securing the future of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

$150 million for Parishes

A vibrant parish life is central to fulfilling the mission of the Church. To Teach Who Christ Is will help strengthen and sustain parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. Funds will remain at parishes to ensure our faith communities are economically stable and can continue to bear hope through their presence, sacramental life and ministries. Each parish has been assigned a campaign target — a goal that is 130 percent of their total annual offertory giving, including Christmas and Easter collections. Parishes will keep 60 percent of all funds they raise for needs they identify, and will share the remaining 40 percent with other parishes and ministries for the benefit of Catholics throughout the Archdiocese. Parishes exceeding their goals will receive 100 percent of funds collected above their target. Parishes are best able to identify the needs of their communities, and will have sole discretion on the direction of the funds they raise. Local priorities to date include building expansion, repairing facilities, reducing debt, establishing parish endowments, and expanding ministries. Parish campaigns are being conducted in a series of waves through 2016. To support parish efforts, the Archdiocese is paying for all campaign fees and expenses.

$150 million for Scholarships

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s Catholic schools have educated and formed generations of Catholic children in our faith. Today, more than 82,000 students attend 240 Catholic schools across the city of Chicago, and in Cook and Lake counties. To ensure generations to come may also receive the benefit of a Catholic education, $150 million in campaign funds is being directed to the Catholic Education Scholarship Trust. The Catholic Education Scholarship Trust is an independent trust, for which Northern Trust serves as the directed trustee. This endowment fund is invested to create spendable income as well as to achieve long-term appreciation of capital. Scholarship awards will be made to qualified students as income is available. To Teach Who Christ Is has also funded a pilot scholarship initiative, the Caritas Scholars Program, which has already provided scholarships to more than 2,000 children. These scholarship awards are not only helping to eliminate the financial barrier that often stands between families and a Catholic education, they are being given to children and their families, not to schools. Caritas scholarships follow children to whatever Catholic school they choose to attend, a measure of flexibility that will further help sustain the Catholic school system.

$10 million for Religious Education

Catechesis Religious education is a ministry for which we are all responsible. More than 96,000 elementary and secondary school children are enrolled in religious education programs in parishes throughout Cook and Lake counties. In addition, parishes provide religious education to teens through youth ministry as well as to adults, including those seeking to enrich their journey with Christ or join our faith through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Ensuring religious education remains a high priority requires educated and trained catechetical leaders to teach the Word and parish programs that evolve along with the communities they serve. To Teach Who Christ Is will provide $10 million for formation programs leading to Archdiocesan certification of religious education coordinators as well as youth ministers, and the ongoing formation of certified religious education directors and other certified catechetical leaders. 

$2 million for Religious Education — Innovation

Religious education — teaching who Christ is — is an integral part of our Church’s mission. Those involved with ministry in the Church today are keenly aware of the need to effectively engage children, youth, young adults and adults in the Catholic faith. Parishes throughout the United States, including in the Archdiocese of Chicago, are now creating innovative religious education programs based on new models of child, youth and adult learning. To Teach Who Christ Is seeks to provide a minimum of $2 million to identify, study and replicate the current best approaches to religious education. The Archdiocesan Department of Parish Life and Formation will engage a group of parish leaders with a goal of examining strong religious education and faith formation programs and then, after measuring outcomes, replicating them for broader use. Funds for innovation will support the enhancement of religious education programs in parishes, as well as professional development, staff and volunteer training, and equipment.

$8 million for Academic Excellence

To Teach Who Christ Is will help enhance the academic excellence of our Catholic schools through professional development grants for teachers and principals and by helping fund school reform efforts and technology upgrades. Lifelong learning is an integral element of the ethos of Catholic schools. Providing teachers with the resources they need to continually enhance their education and empowering them to improve the student experience is the goal of the Teacher Professional Development Fund. To ensure good principals and Catholic educators with the capacity for leadership become great principals, the Principal Leadership Development Fund will award grants for graduate school programs, continuing education and leadership development opportunities at colleges and universities. Changing demographics in Chicago, along with other issues in the Church and society, have highlighted the need to reform and revitalize our Catholic schools. To Teach Who Christ Is will allow the Archdiocesan Office for Catholic Schools to respond to these changes by empowering individual schools with school reform efforts. Tools critical to creating effective 21st century learning environments increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of schools and ensure teachers have the technology to implement a diverse and integral curriculum. The campaign will provide matching funds through the School Technology Fund to provide technology grants to our schools as well as resources for school system-wide services.

$30 million for Critical Facility Issues

More than 2,800 individual structures — sacred spaces as well as parish activity buildings, convents, rectories and schools — can be found in Cook and Lake counties. Many of these buildings have needs and issues beyond what some parishes in distressed communities are able to address given their financial circumstances. Addressing these issues in a timely manner is often critical. A full $30 million of the funds raised for To Teach Who Christ Is will be designated for urgently needed repairs in low-income parishes and to help them provide for handicapped accessible services. In addition, a facilities information management system will be created to track projects across the Archdiocese and allow for a more collaborative and economical approach to purchase construction services.




As of October 28, 2016


An Invitation

Scripture tells us that Christian stewardship goes beyond giving of our surplus. As stewards of Christ, our gifts should be made from our substance. In this spirit of Christian stewardship, we undertake this extraordinary campaign and ask for your prayerful consideration of a gift to support the parishes and ministries of our local Church. Together, we can teach who Christ is to the next generation of Catholics, and ensure our parish remains a strong and vibrant community of faith.

To Teach Who Christ Is

Enseñar Quién Es Cristo